Project Description

Project Role & Details

This project brought commuter light rail to the Minneapolis area and was the first Design/Build format contract for the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT). Darrin was a senior design team leader and managed detailed design for segments of the new Minneapolis Metro commuter light rail system (Hiawatha Light Rail). This project was the first State funded Design/Build project in Minnesota.  With this came many challenges requiring high order communication and complete project partnering between the Design/Build organization and MNDOT.  Using the experience of a contractor, Mr. Beier served as a constructability adviser between the engineering design team and the contractor.  Segments included the section adjacent to Hiawatha Blvd. (STH 55), Minnehaha Ave. to Lake St.,  and the downtown Minneapolis segment on S 5th Ave. from the Metradome to N 2nd Ave.   The design scope included detailed design of entire rail system, coordination with all stakeholders, storm water mitigation, intersection and traffic signal design, and utility relocations. Responsibilities also included coordination of passenger station design and how they were incorporated into the overall rail system.   He was also involved in the design of the commuter rail shops & maintenance yard located south of I-94.  This DC electric line was the beginning of a new commuter transportation era in the Twin City metro that continues to grow and thrive today.

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