Program Role & Details

River Fall, WI is home to the Kinnickinnic River, a Class A Trout Cold Water Fishery. River Falls is also one of the fastest growing areas in Wisconsin.  Mr. Beier played a significant role in developing design and construction standards/practices that couple these two realities to provide environmentally responsible development.  During Darrin’s tenure as City Engineer, the city actively teamed with WI DNR, Trout Unlimited, the Kinnickinnic River Land Trust, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and other environmentally oriented parties to fully examine and plan for growth, while minimizing negative impacts to the river and watershed.  Mr. Beier was typically the City representative in focus groups such as the federally funded 205J Storm Water Study.  The 205J Program created and implemented projects using new technology and information to aggressively treat storm water runoff and influence development standards, for not only particulates and pollution, but also thermal impacts caused by urban development (Pavement = Hot Storm Water Runoff).  This ground-breaking study laid the ground work for decades of public awareness and buy-in to the concept of prioritizing storm water management/treatment in all types of development.  Individual projects led by Mr. Beier were the re-authoring of the city Erosion Control Municipal Ordinance, the city Erosion Control Manual, several environmental low-impact regional detention/retention ponds, and creation of ordinances implementing a city Storm Water Utility.

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