Project Role & Details

Owner: City of River Falls, WI

Utility Design and Construction Projects

As River Falls City Engineer, Mr. Beier developed and managed an Engineering Department that performed all in-house design and construction management of River Falls Utility capital improvement projects.  Projects included interceptor sanitary sewer extensions, water main extensions and looping, regional storm water ponds and treatment facilities, and utilities associated with industrial and corporate park development.

Mr. Beier also re-authored the River Falls Design and Construction Standards Manual for sewer, water, and roadway infrastructure. Examples of projects include:

North and South Main Street/Utilities Reconstruction.
Responsible for the detailed design of roadway, sanitary sewer; storm sewer, and water main, including coordination with WDOT and consultant for Division Street Bridge and North Main Street Reconstruction. The project also included construction of a major retaining wall along the Kinnicinnic River which required extensive coordination with WDOT, FEMA, WDNR, Trout Unlimited, Kinnicinnic River Land Trust and the general population.

Northeast and Southeast Utility Extensions.
Project Manager for design and contract administration of interceptor extensions to serve newly annexed areas surrounding River Falls. Projects included sanitary sewer, water main, a water tower, storm water facilities, roadway extensions and park improvements. The projects also included assessment report creation to benefiting persons affected by the annexation and public improvements.

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